Reminder | Purple Tie Event

Reminder | Purple Tie Event
Reminder | Purple Tie Event

Purple Tie Event | Official News:

Big news for all fans of Prince Rogers Nelson or the so-called “Prince” the legend of all time singers. We are appointed Purple Tie Event in The Harris Building, 111. S Division, Gran Rapids, Michigan 49503. Hosted by team Art Tech Society entitled as “Dedication to The Artist”.

Prince LIFE:

We all know that his fans are sad about his dead and everybody said, “For today it is already one year and a day ago left America”.

For the reason we missed him, we are now officially inviting you all to visit the place where we host big event for Prince.

Prince is a legend, a song-writer, multi-tusker, a well crowned musician and a great, and one of the representative musicians in America. He shared many things about his life; people all over the world kept reviving him to play one of his music’s on stage.

People loved him because they knew what kind of man Prince.

These changes will come once and maybe twice, but this event is hosted by an infamous people that deliver great suffixation to people. The event will be fun and then there’s been a quality of being amusing because of freebies giveaway for that night.

As stated they have great alliances to other company and have a great audio system and the best funder of the event will receive a chance to sing one of Prince’s songs – on stage.

There will be a song request from people whom joining the event and be one with Prince. It’s just a rumor though, let’s see for ourselves: see you there in Gran Rapids, people! 

Tickets will be available soon, for further instructions  contact us.

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