PRINCE: Life Story | FACTS (Part 3)

PRINCE: Life Story | FACTS (Part 3)
PRINCE: Life Story | FACTS (Part 3)


We are now moving at Life Story 3 about facts and life of Prince Rogers Nelson. I will try my best to provide you an interesting credible story about Prince. Thank you for keeping in touch with us! We are hoping to see you on this upcoming event on June 10, 2017.

After David Z gave his brief story about Prince, we will go on to Bobby Z. Bobby Z as stated at the past articles, he is a drummer in the first place he was a runner also to the Owen’s ad company.  Listen up, it turned out be that BOBBY Z became driver of Prince – was funny aight. For some reason, Prince did not drive. You know what the reason is? Prince did not get any license and that is it. Thus, Bobby Z was a hurry to get a license for Prince because Bobby has a pride that he does not want to be a driver, laugh out loud.  At later on driving, they found an apartment, bought a musical gear, and lil hangout to a Santana Concert at Northrop. Bobby Z and others jammed almost night times with Anderson – Prince’s brother, & Cymone all the time, as Bobby said.

Owen Husney said, “We put together 15 press kits and sent out 7 or 8 major labels”. This was the first marketing by Husney. He knew that Prince was more valuable at eighteen better at seventeen actually.
When they are ready to perform, Husney wanted to be a unique because Los Angeles California that time is full jeans; cowboy boots and such. So they wanted to be a unique one so they wore a three-piece of suits. Owen Husney knew that Prince is too shy – just like me just kidding. In the end, Husney declined the offers from Columbia and make a choice from a range of possibilities in Warner Bros. due to a certain reason that higher position employee in the company agreed to see Prince play first and let him produce his own performance.

I hope you are not suffice for that one because I have many bunch of specific stories about Prince, keep in touch with us my dear preachers, see you in the event.

Reminders for all my dear preachers who just passed by:
Purple Tie Event | Official News:

Big news for all fans of Prince Rogers Nelson or the so-called “Prince” the legend of all time singers. We are appointed Purple Tie Event in The Harris Building, 111. S Division, Gran Rapids, Michigan 49503. Hosted by team Art Tech Society entitled as “Dedication to The Artist”.

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