Press Release: Ocean Soul Music Group

Press Release: Ocean Soul Music Group

What used to be just a dream is now becoming reality. Kyle Bynoe planned to create a music group that will be oriented around gospel music and now that plan is materializing. A partnership with famed college basketball coach Hamilton, was announced back in 2015 when they formed the 5ive Ocean Music Group, LLC.

Recently, other members have been added to the team and the group is finally starting to do some work. Several artists are part of this gospel label, including the remarkable Tiffany Bynoe, a vocalist with a proven record. Other changes were made as well as the group now holds the name Ocean Soul Music Group.

Wanting to avoid traditional music and new world music, this group is set on creating gospel music. They want to bring something new, something different and exciting to the music world and that’s exactly what they will do.

Besides the initial founders, music producer Kyle Bynoe and legendary college basketball coach Leonard Hamilton, the Ocean Soul Music Group is growing and adding new exciting members. Just recently a true entrepreneur became a large part of this group. Based in Las Vegas at the moment, we are sure you have heard of the name Eli Eletese.

Mr. Eletese is a proven businessman who has started several companies ranging from marketing to publishing and they have all been a major hit. His GKN International is growing every day, becoming a major competitor in every field they find themselves in. His addition to the Ocean Soul Music Group proves his quality and with him the group will thrive and reach major success.

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