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$ of $30,000 raised


GKN International is starting a campaign to save the monarch butterfly


The Monarch Butterfly is one of the most decipherable species in all countries. It is now in serious trouble. Habitat loss and fragmentation has occurred throughout the monarch’s range. Pesticide use has been known to destroy the milkweed that Monarch Bees need to survive. Climate changes have also affected the monarch population. Over the last 20 years, their numbers have been severely decreasing more and more. We, the GKN International decided to do anything to help these butterflies and save them from extinction.


We, at GKN, are doing our massive efforts to provide habitat for the Monarch Butterflies, as well as other species like Honeybees, Bumblebees and other pollinators. As you can see on these images, we planned to make this place habitable for the Monarch Butterflies. However, to do that, our company needs YOUR HELP and DONATIONS. All organizations, agencies and individuals are welcome to be part and be involved in this marvelous project and together, we can create grassland habitats and save these butterflies from a terrible fate. Our proposed objective is to raise $ 30,000 and its not that much just to save them. We will accept anyone’s donation, no matter how big or small the amount is.

Its the thought that counts.

In exchange of your generosity, as a small token, we will offer special freebies or gifts to anyone who will donate $ 100, $ 500 and $ 1000. You may check below for the list of freebies or gifts we can offer. All proceeds of this campaign will be used to help this Monarch Butterflies.


Your contribution will further conserve the work that we have been doing and ensure the success of our project. As a partnership focused on implementing a rigorous conservation plan, we bring all of our efforts, tools and land management opportunities to the table in a coordinated manner. In addition, we accept sponsorship from entities of all sizes whose mission aligns with our work. With your help, we can accomplish much more efforts to conserve Monarch Butterflies and their phenomenal migration. All funds contributed by us will directly benefit Monarch conservation efforts.

For more inquiries, suggestion, sponsorship and plans for conservation regarding donations and preservation of Monarch Butterflies, please visit our official website at  or here at

As a Token of our appreciation. We offer small return when you donate the following amount.

Donation Freebies

 • Donations up to $ 100 will get you a free butterfly T-shirt
• Donations up to $ 500 will get you a butterfly habitat named after you
• Donations up to $ 1000 will get you a whole neighborhood / habitat territory named after YOU.




Thank you and lets make Monarch Butterflies live like there is no tomorrow.


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