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In the last few decades, Honeybees have been vanishing. On the stretched tenure, it is very disturbing: The biodiversity of the ecosystem as well as the future or our agriculture are at stake. In fact without bees, more than 80% of the variety of food we eat could disappear: the majority of fruits and vegetables would vanish from our tables. Only cereals would survive.

In line with this, Goddess Knowledge News, GKN, would like to conduct a fundraising campaign to save Honeybees. You donation will surely help this land from surviving and produce even more Honeybees in the near future. The images is a 10 acre plot of land that needs to be preserved.

GKN will accept donations to save this area of  Honeybees. The company target is to raise $ 40,000 for nature preservation purposes. Any individual who will donate more than $ 500 will have a beehive named after them. You won’t only be saving honeybees but you will also get a free beehive with your name written on it! Besides, we will be offering other gifts as well.. GKN encourages to participate in building a better future for agriculture and improving the future state of nature. We intend to do this by working together with the environment in order to prove that life without the extinction of honeybees is possible, contrary to what the pesticide industry claims.

We benefit from Honeybees, and we hope we can return that back to them. Big or small change of donation from your pocket can make those bees have a world with a better place.

In line with your generosity, we provide an amazing small token or gifts if you can reach these amount of donation. We look forward to your help.


  • Donations of up to $ 100 will get you a free Honeybees T-shirt.
  • Donations of up to $ 500 will get you a beehive named after you.
  • Donations of up to $ 1000 will get you a beehive neighborhood named after you.


For further information and how to donate, you can visit the company’s website atgkninternational.life


Thank you for being generous and sincerely . Together, we live. Honeybees, will live.





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