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PRINCE: Life Story | FACTS (Part 2)
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Spread the loveAs continuation, we talked about when he was born and what he did when he was with Jimmy Jam in Junior High. We will continue about the entire memento stated by Prince’s closest friends. Prince grew up in Minnesota; he grew up with interesting things and a great length array of music where he was with Santana, Larry Graham, & Fleetwood Mac, all various things. I am now introducing Bobby Z a drummer. He saw prince playing piano – all his strokes are good, clean, and he played according to his finger tips and it is like waving…

PRINCE: Life Story | FACTS (Part 1)
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Spread the loveSpecial message to my dear preachers: There was a too big scenario to describe prince in one document or blogs, thus we will just going to go easy and let the days passed by. I found great sources about Prince’s life by StarTribune magazines. Thus, don’t worry too much about these whole things am saying because it is very credible and as you can see; I am now one of his fans “Ha-ha”. I was reading all kinds of oral history about him and asked every close to him about what kind of person is he. I will…

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